Stop paying attention to futuristic sci-fi movies out of Hollywood, Japan is actually 30 years in the future. The country holds the distinction of being one of the oldest societies in the world.

Japan’s mono ethnic culture demands a precise level of respect & honor culminating in the cleanest and best run destination on the planet.

The expectations of respect and tradition that bring forth the formal tradition and excellence also breed one of the darkest counter cultures around.

The Minnesota State Fair

Ever August Summer concludes in an enclosed street system with 1.8 Million Mid-Westerns sweating and spilling on each other. Navigating this bee hive inspires rage and community. 

Everything on a stick and with enough cholesterol to create a black Friday for the medical health industry. The soundtrack of carnival rides, pop music, Garrison Keillor, and drunken slurring words of amazement over the biggest hog in 1000 counties. 

American lives here at The Fair.

The Road To The Coast

Meeting people and reconnecting with your people is travel. The lands always surprise and affirm life. On the way to San Diego: Iowa, Colorado, Utah, and Nevada were experienced before snapping into a wetsuit in the Pacific. 


Mr. Bo is a Pit Bull. He spends his days patrolling the streets of West Town, Buck Town, Old Town and various other neighborhoods in the city. In between pretending to be tough and sniffing attractive girls (so his human friends can score dates) Mr. Bo watches. 

He watches his best friend pick up his shit. He watches machines move past him. He watches the stillness of unwavering structures and the sky behind them. He watches out the window and he even watches television when no one is home (I am told he really likes the animal planet network).

Thanks for letting me watch you watch the world Mr. Bo.


Guatemalan Rainy Season

The country is alive. The people have lived and the culture is learned. People are everywhere and nowhere, you just have to look or not look at the right time. A small nation squeezed in between oceans, cultures, and mountains. Guatemala is a product of experience and time. 

The beauty is so easy to see in the landscape, volcanos, and jungles but the treasure is the people. If you are willing to wait, to listen, you will gain access to a experience that is a warm long held hug from a old friend. 

Wait through the rain and stay in the elements, you will be rewarded.